MS Outlook’s Scanpst Tool

Microsoft Inc. is definitely an IT company that delivers IT solutions to most of us. One of its IT wing creates advanced and rich featured systems. In addition, it creates many applications that benefit many users. MS Outlook is just one of such sort of applications utilized by a lot of users to control and co-ordinate their personal and office tasks. MS Outlook is very rich featured application which is used to maintain e-mails, appointments, contacts, dates, tasks, notes and journals. MS Outlook uses PST extendable to keep every one of the data. PST file is very heavy file not with regards to weight rather with regards to level of data it contains. So it is extremely important file within your computer.


Everbody knows PST files are very prone to corruption and damage. This damage mainly occurs because of virus attacks, OS corruption, file system corruption, application corruption and also because of accidental deletion. Since this file contains a lot of valuable information its corruption or damage may cause huge loss for that users. To beat from your situation of corruption Microsoft has devised a tool called Scanpst.exe. It is really an (.exe) file and customarily is sold with Microsoft suite. It’s automatically installed in one’s body when you install Microsoft office. You will discover this file in (\Program Files-Common Files-System-Mapi-1033). Should you couldn’t find it here then download Scanpst.exe from Microsoft’s site directly.


Dealing with Scanpst.exe is very easy and simple. After finding this file you just have to show the road of one’s PST file and click START button. It will automatically search every one of the PST and OST files and scans it using its powerful algorithm to obtain the corruption. After detecting the corruption it’s going to repair the file as well as in some extreme cases recovers all the files and folders and can make it available and accessible for you. There is however a problem with it as well as the issue is it is effective limited to the minor corruptions. After using Scanpst.exe if your problem persists, then you have to use any 3rd party software to retrieve your files and folders.

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